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september 2022


mood: fatigued, bored

so much has happened since i last did a journal... i honestly dont know where to start. i got a job on the 22nd i believe, but then caught covid so i couldn't start my training and nearly lost the job. i did get over it however! other than that i've been at school. i've been doing some introspection on myself since i've had so much free time and my chronic fatigue has been kicking my ass. i feel so bad for not having the energy to do anything, including updating the site. sigh. i hope you have all been well though!

august 2022


mood: groggy, slightly peppy

so this is the start of my website! i'm actually really proud of myself, i've been working on this for hours now since i'm not going to school in the morning. i'm still not feeling well from my flu so i'm going back on monday. i'm not actually sure what to put here... i'm currently listening to vocaloid in a discord vc! having fun even though i know i'll feel like shit by the time the sun comes up. i know the cycle of how i feel will just continue and it kind of sucks to think about but such is my role as.. whatever creature i am. tomorrow's tasks are to (hopefully) sort my diary pages better, fix the format on some of my pages, and add in some more images and buttons maybe? as for now, i'll try to get some sleep. rest well, Wanderlings. :3