Welcome to the PhosphoSite!

about the owner...

why hello there!

once again, i am Wanderer. i am the curator, caretaker, and owner of this little chunk of the internet. i use she/he pronouns mostly, although i have neos i also use! this is a pretty simple website but i think the simplicity is charming and relaxing.

i am nonhuman entity beyond comprehension, but now i am a high schooler turned hobbyist coder, gamer, and occasional streamer. i enjoy various medias, from vocaloid to pokemon and everything in between. i am not the most mentally well creature this side of the internet due to various reasons, so journals will be marked as such to the best of my ability. me and my site are living, breathing psychological horror games. i curse frequently, heads up. i like horror, old web, video games in general, nintendo, and ice cream.

i made this site in hopes of preserving a piece of me after i pass. never dying and never forgotten in a way! i hope you all cherish it as much as i do.


i got my omori background from this lovely user, and my profile art from here!